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  • Professional Memberships are small monthly payments.

  • Professional Membership entitles you to voting status.

  • Employment Education & Services

  • Discounts on Insurance

  • Discounts on other Business Products

  • Perkopolis Multi Discount Membership

  • Promotional and business resources (such as standardized receipts, intake forms).

  • Practitioner referral service – A complete online presence with a full listing of practicing members and their business contact information.

  • A professional support network.

  • An office open to members with a friendly administrator available to answer all questions.

  • Availability of malpractice insurance coverage for members.​

The OHMA is doing its best to be inclusive, and ensure that all CHO members have the opportunity to provide feedback about what they want from the association. Its your chance and choice to say what you think and what you want.
The OHMA needs your help to ensure that Homeopathy in Ontario remains a sanctuary for Homeopaths under protected rule of law. Your membership is very important.

The OHMA and the CHO want you to participate fully as partners in the healthcare system. We are looking for a number of important concessions from the government.

  1. Most important is that we need to unify the profession
  2. To create a vision for the profession & develop a strategic plan to achieve it
  3. We want to have a controlled act for Homeopathy –  this will mean that only homeopaths can practice homeopathy.
  4. We want to open doors for our profession, to be able to participate more fully and collaboratively with other healthcare professionals including medical doctors, this will ensure that our patients continue to receive homeopathy even when they enter into hospitals and long-term residential facilities
  5. We want other healthcare professionals to stop attacking homeopaths and encourage inter-professional collaboration
  6. We want to better serve our patients by being able to order medical tests for patients
  7. We want Insurance companies to include homeopathy within their benefits packages
  8. We want to be able to have the doctor title for those homeopaths who want it

How to Join Us:

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These small payments come out on the same day each month automatically and can be stopped at any time.
We look forward to you joining us.

FOR RENEWING MEMBERS: Login first and go into MEMBERS ONLY section, click on
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The important part is that once you are logged in the system will auto fill some
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If you still wish to pay the full annual amount, please contact us at 647-556-0422 to arrange for payment.

The OHMA proudly represents the largest community of Homeopaths in Ontario.  As an association, we are committed to improving and increasing services in areas prioritized by our members.  As a professional member, you will support a strong voice for the profession, be an informed and connected part of the Homeopath community in Ontario, and gain access to the support you need to build a more successful practice.