How Do I Print My Membership Card?


First, please ensure that you are connected to a printer and that you are logged in. Then go to the Members ONLY portal. Pick [...]

How Do I Print My Membership Card?2021-11-11T11:09:53-05:00

How Much is our Annual Membership?


Our Annual Membership has been reduced from $150 to $100 per year. It is a subscription membership and will renew automatically each year unless [...]

How Much is our Annual Membership?2021-11-11T11:09:25-05:00

How much is the Monthly Membership?


Our monthly professional membership is $12.50 per month. Although this can be cancelled by you at any time, we ask that you please continue [...]

How much is the Monthly Membership?2021-11-11T11:08:41-05:00

Do I Get Renewal Reminders?


With our new subscription memberships, renewals are done automatically - so you will no longer get renewal reminder emails.

Do I Get Renewal Reminders?2021-11-11T11:07:08-05:00

How Do I Renew My Membership?


Now that the OHMA uses subscription memberships, you do not have to worry about renewing your membership as it will renew automatically each year. [...]

How Do I Renew My Membership?2021-11-11T11:07:54-05:00


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