Paula Felicia De Candia


Paula Felicia De Candia is a Director of the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association and is on the Board of Directors for the Executive Committee of the Ontario Homeopathic College and HTSF – Canada.

She has been in private practice for over 17 years, providing reflexology, nutritional live cell microscopy, BodyTalk therapy and homeopathic medicine treatment, with a special interest helping patients with stress, anxiety and mental health conditions.

Paula’s inspiration to help others comes from her own personal healing journey with these modalities, when her successful career as a model and a ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada suddenly ended after a devastating injury. Her resilience and commitment to health led to her second career in alternative medicine which became her passion. Paula is an international best-selling author and  a Guinness World Record holder participant.

Paula is a dedicated single mother to three beautiful healthy daughters who lives life in a way that reflects her clinical practice and who strives to maintain her physical, spiritual and emotional health by living life with a positive outlook.

She always says “health matters” so take good care of your health today so that tomorrow you won’t be forced to take care of your disease.