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A Class A Member has the right to attend and vote at all meetings of the Members of the Association, has professional access to the Members ONLY section of  the website, and is eligible for a listing on our Homeopath Directory:

A Professional Member must be a member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (the “CHO”), meet the requirements and standards of the Association set from time to time and be of good moral character.

$150.00 per year


Class B Members are not a member of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario (the “CHO”), they have the right to attend meetings of the Members of the Association, however, do not have the right to vote. Class B Members are comprised of the following members:

Out of Province Members
A homeopathic professional who resides in Canada and practices homeopathy outside of Ontario and has had a good homeopathic training in a program at least two (2) years in length.
Subscription: $12.50 per month

$12.50 per month

Student Members
Students in schools in the homeopathic and naturopathic health-care professions.
Subscription: $2.50 per month

$2.50 per month

International Members
Associate International Membership: A healthcare practitioner or academically qualified (BHMS, MD or PhD) living and working outside of Canada.
Subscription: $15.00 per month

$15.00 per month

Associate Members
Associate Members may be any healthcare provider such as a General Practitioner, Clinician or Clinician Assistant, Naturopath, Complimentary Therapist, Nurse, Herbalist, Integrated Healthcare Practitioner or Provider, including Physicians in special interest areas related to Complimentary Medicine Practice or working in collaborative partnership within the healthcare sector. They will not have any voting rights. Subscription: $15.00 per month

$15.00 per month

Friends of the OHMA
These are supporting Members of the general public having special interest in or learning about Homeopathy Healthcare including those who have attended seminars and workshops organised by the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association. Subscription: $12.50 per month.

$12.50 per month

Remember: In order to make membership payments easier in these difficult times, we have introduced automatic monthly payments at a reasonable rate. This measure is being used to help your cash flow, however, the memberships are still based on an annual membership, and we expect that you will allow the full 12 months of payments to go through. If you decide for some reason that you wish to cancel, you can cancel at any time, and a cancellation fee will be applied.

The OHMA proudly represents the largest community of Homeopaths in Ontario.  As an association, we are committed to improving and increasing services in areas prioritized by our members.  As a professional member, you will support a strong voice for the profession, be an informed and connected part of the Homeopath community in Ontario, and gain access to the support you need to build a more successful practice.