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  • Includes membership in
    Canadian Homeopathic Association (CHA).

  • Includes membership in the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI).

  • Entitled to Educational Credits for OHMA monthly seminars

  • Entitled to Educational Credits for OHMA activities. i.e.: Directors and Members of the OHMA Committees.

  • Entitled to Educational Credits for yearly conferences and homeopathic activities approved by the OHMA.

  • Memberships are now monthly payments.

  • Class A Membership entitles you to voting status.

  • Employment, Education and Services.

  • Discounts on Insurance.

  • Business Resources (such as standardized receipts, intake forms).

  • Practitioner Referral Service (Find a Homeopath) – A complete online presence with a full listing of practicing members and their business contact information.

  • A professional support network.

  • Availability of malpractice insurance coverage.


The OHMA is doing its best to be inclusive and ensure that all regulated members can provide feedback about what they want from the association.   It is your chance and choice to say what you think and what you want.

Most importantly,  we need to unify the profession, by continuing to improve our business profession, and develop a strategic business plan to fulfill our commitment.

The OHMA 2020/2021  strategic operating plan includes:

  • The OHMA will continue to promote and advance the association as a professional not for profit corporation
  • The OHMA will pursue in getting the controlled act(s) for Homeopathy, including access to the “doctor” title.
  • The OHMA will pursue to serve our patients by being able to order medical tests for patients.
  • The OHMA will open doors for our homeopathic professionals, for more participation in our health care network.
  • The OHMA will promote homeopathic benefits coverage within the insurance industry
  • The OHMA will collaborate with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario and homeopathic schools to keep them  informed of current educational standards and  practices in clinical care  so that the schools produce professionals who are fit to practice  in the changing healthcare environment.

The OHMA needs your help to ensure that Homeopathy in Ontario remains a sanctuary for Homeopaths under protected rule of law.

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In order to make membership payments easier in these difficult times, we have introduced automatic monthly payments at a reasonable rate. This measure is being used to help your cash flow, however, the memberships are still based on an annual membership, and we expect that you will allow the full 12 months of payments to go through. If you decide for some reason that you wish to cancel, you can cancel at any time, and a cancellation fee will be applied.

The OHMA proudly represents the largest community of Homeopaths in Ontario.  As an association, we are committed to improving and increasing services in areas prioritized by our members.  As a professional member, you will support a strong voice for the profession, be an informed and connected part of the Homeopath community in Ontario, and gain access to the support you need to build a more successful practice.